Consultant Respiratory Paediatrician in Manchester


Ms C Lea, Bury

 Imogen has had a history of coughs & colds leading  to asthma like symptoms & being hospitalised on many occasions. 

Since Dr Narayan literally 'changed our lives' by correctly diagnosing her & changed all her medication, she has been well, with no admissions to hospitals, no steroids & is now off all her medication

Ms A Coates, London

Omi looked after my beautiful son who had chronic lung disease. I wanted answers from people in gosh and I remember that Omi took he's time to research and try to give me everything I needed even though there were never any answers as he's lungs were so rare. I still to this day 4 years on have research he gave me to try to put my mind at ease and ease my pain just a little bit. This doctor gave me strength to fight on with my child who lived for two years and I shall never forget his kindness and wisdom he gave myself and my son. One of the best doctors in this world to me. It was a privilege to have known him and I am very proud of who he has become today.

 Louie's mum .x

Ms M Louise, Wigan

Dr Narayan was extremely professional and his passion for the job he does really shone through.He was great with my son who never stopped smiling at him throughout the appointment. All my questions regarding my sons condition were fully addressed, further medication prescribed, a full plan of action going forward and I was not rushed at all as the appointment lasted a full hour. 

I can highly recommend seeing Dr Narayan if this is a field you need assistance in and I wont hesitate to book in again if and when my son requires further assessment.